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2 weeks ago @ 9:14AM

Fall High School Athletic Programs


Dear Student Athletes & Parents:

The 2020-21 high school athletic programs have been a continuous adjustment since reengaging on June 15, 2020. On Thursday, September 3, 2020 the new Governor’s EO 2020-176 Safe Start Rescission of Executive Orders 2020-160 and 2020-162 allowed for football, sideline cheer to start back up, and boys soccer, girl swim & diving and girls’ volleyball to have contest, plus allowed us use to indoor school facilities such as gyms and locker rooms with restrictions. We have been developing how best to correspond these newest guidelines.

For those interested in these programs you will be receiving an email in your GI School account or the patent connect account address you shared with the district from that coach in your sport on how these programs will be restarting or continuing with practices and getting ready for contest.

We would like to also provide high school student athletes and parents some initial information to assist you as we once again move forward in fall 2020 sports.

Face Coverings: All participants and coaches must wear a face covering or mask during activity. A lightweight, non-restrictive, face covering is recommended.

To decrease potential exposure to respiratory droplets, athletes will practice social distancing of at least six feet apart.

The contest schedule: can be found at Please note the schedule is under revision as we gain insight to the season outlook and have potential to change.

Currently Scheduled first contests are as follows:

Boys Jv & varsity Soccer September 9 2020

Girls Volleyball September 14, 2020

Cross Country September 9, 2020, 

JV Football September 17, 2020

Varsity Football September, 18, 2020

JV sideline cheer September 17, 2020

Varsity sideline cheer September, 18, 2020

Girls Swimming & Diving September 10, 2020

 Equestrian September 12, 2020

Sailing TBD

Girls golf next contest September 9, 2020

Jv & varsity boys tennis next match September 10, 2020.

Transportation to events: Grosse Ile Township schools will not be providing any type of transportation to meets, games or competitions during the 2020-21 school year. Student athletes and coaches will have to provide their own means to meets, game or competitions to participate that day. Coaches will communicate the time members are to arrive and the school guidelines for team and spectators. Current league policy is no access to fields or gym prior to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Directions to these sites can be found or your coach can assist you. Please note, not all events are held at school sites.

Hydration & Food:

  • Athletes must bring their own water bottles. Any athlete that does not show up with their own water bottle will not be allowed to participate. Water can be provided if the individual distributing has the appropriate PPE adorned and maintains social distancing. Hydration stations (water cows, water trough, water fountains, etc.) may be utilized but must be cleaned after every practice/contest.

  • Food should not be shared.

Equipment Cleaning:  

  • Athletes and coaches are expected to disinfect areas and equipment following practice and contest.

  • Equipment will not be shared during athletic practices and training without being disinfected first.

  • Equipment used during athletic contest practices will need to be disinfected before, when possible, during the contest, and at the end of the event.  

  • After every practice, athletes will take their clothes home and wash them daily.

Locker Rooms

  • Currently, we are operating on a limited number of 10 in the changing area. 

  • Lockers to be issued to when the group of 10 are in the area, they will not be next to one another.     

  • All clothing items, shoes, shirt, shorts, towels must be taken home and washed every day.

  • Helmets, shoulder, hip, knee pads to be sanitized and stored in the locker.



  • Each player on a roster will be allowed TWO spectators to attend games, home or away.

  • Spectators will need to present identification at the designated gate for their school. Admission prices will be determined by each school. Spectators are encouraged to bring exact change to the gate.

  • Paper tickets will not be handed out.

  • Once spectators have entered the facility, they will not be able to leave and re-enter. The gates will be closed for the entirety of the game to the outside public. If a spectator must leave the game early they will be allowed to do so with no refund, and no re-entry.

  • Spectators are REQUIRED to wear a mask and stay socially distant from attendees at all times. Spectators will be asked to leave the game if this guideline is not followed. If an attendee has a medical condition stating they do not have to wear a mask, they will need to present that at the gate when arriving.

Season Event & Activities: 

  • Please understand we are in different times with this pandemic, and things that took place in past years, Player & Parent recognitions, school celebrations may not be able to be conducted as traditionally held.  As information is available it will be shared via students' school emails and the emails we have parents in the connect system.  

Student athletes and parents, it has been voiced on many occasions that our goal is to have our athletes back participating, However, it will demand of us all to respect the policy and guidelines and the additional commitment and time the coaches and athletes have taken to give them this opportunity. Please join together to ensure we maintain these chances to allow school sports to happen for our student athletes and coaches.

If you have any further questions please join us in one of the sports information meetings conducted by your coach.

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